Sunday, July 12, 2015

Three cups of tea.

Actually, when jeff gave us this book, I worried about reading books because I don't like book also korean book too!! I've experienced about reading discuusion at last semester I didn't work do well. However, Three cups of tea is interested for me. Story is awesome and special. The writter Greg is crazy guy sometimes haha... I think he has a brave and he helped a lot of people. Even though some ephisode are not true, it's okay no problem. I couldn't understand some story but I learned many vocabulary and meaning through the story also discussion time with my classmate was funny.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Marrige in Korea.

We have a special traditional style of marriage in the past but nowadays young people prefer to western marriage. Actually, I don't know traditional wedding ceremony exactly. I know that my parents get married in traditional way.  It takes long time and huge event. For exmaple, When they get married they wore Han-bok that traditional clothes groom wear blue hanbok and bride should wear red hanbok. Also groom's mother should wear blue hanbok and bride's mother should wear red hanbok. It's mean is related five elements of the universe in oriendtal culture.
Korean people think get married not only just partner to partner but also family to family. Therefore marriage is one of the important event in korean people life.

Friday, June 26, 2015


When I visit to farm in Cebu, Philippines,
I saw a cacao tree.
Actually I haven't tried ecotourism but I know ecotourism.
I remember that when I planned to go to Cebu, Philippines, I found some information about ecotourism. There were many farms for visitors but I decided just sightseeing.
I think ecotourism will help that we can learn about environment of nature.
For exmaple, visitors are trying to plant a tree and they take care of animal in nature.
Through the ecotourism they can feel about precious of nature. If I have a chance to go to Philiphine wherever again, I want to try ecotourism!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Travel in Korea

 If you come Korea, I can recommend a lot of places for you. However, If I should recommend just one place, except all of big city like a capital city Seoul, I absolutely recommend Jeonju city. Jeonju as a traditional city in southern of Korea. Jeonju has special atmosphere and many local food. You know Bibimbap? I think probably you know that it's Korean traditional food that many vegetable and rice. It's famous Bibimbap from Jeonju. But In my opinion, there is good Korean traditonal soup soondaegook, so I recommend Soondaegook than Bibimbap.  Also Jeonju are traditional village and Jundong Catholic Church. If you visit in April, you can enjoy Jeonju International film festival that one of the top film festivals in Korea. I'd like to recommend this city to my foreigner friends!

Village in Jeonju
Main street


Sunday, June 7, 2015


I learnd japanese around 2 years so I can speak japanese Also I can talk to japanese friends, when I talk to japanese friends we don't know some words how to say English, but I know some word In Japanese, so I can say Japanese so they can understand and we can talk to continue. When I was korea I gave up study English because I don't like English. why? It was very difficult for me so I studied japanese instead of English. The most reason was I interested Japanese cultures like a music, food, drama. it can be possible to speak japanese because I want to study japanese but English wasn't. Now, I'm really happy beacause I can speak two language, English a little bit also Japanese with my japanese friends. I should learn more English and Japanese. I believe to learn to language is difficult and challenging that it's possible to break your limits.

Different roles for men and women.

Many years ago Korean has stereotype for a job almost of men get a job and earn money for their family. Women should be work in home, they should support to husband, so it's impossible that women got a job. Also men should be get a high position job like a teacher(gyosa), doctor(uisa), lawyer(byeonhosa), judge(pansa) because Korean people prefer a job that ends with "~ sa." if get those jobs they believe it's going to be successful life. However, Nowadays, new generation Korean people wasted old stereotype, more and more women are entering the workforce, so some women can earn a lot of than men.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Won $10 Million In the Lottery


If I hit $10 million, at first I will buy a big house that has a garden for my family and buy a sports car. Because I've been lived an apartment since 2008. So I want to buy new house and my dream is raise the animals! Also I like driving, so I'll buy sports car for drive!
At second, I'm going to aboard for trip, I want to go a lot of countries, maybe I'll go Europe with my foreigner friends who when I met in Calgary. When I visited Banff,  it was very special and unforgettable trip with my foreigner friends. So I want go again with my friends!
Finally, I will saved money to 40% and I will dominate to 10% for poor children and neighbor.